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 FACT offers a wide array of over the road capabilities throughout Egypt. We balance capacity to optimize fleet utilization, creating network efficiencies that make non-asset-based delivery systems run smoothly.

FACT Heavy Trucking - Flat Bed Trailer

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FACT  Trucking - Rear Dumper Trailer

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FACT Light Trucking

  • 1 Ton & Box Trailer

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  • 4 & 5 Ton Truck

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  •  Double Cabinet Truck

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We offer the perfect solution for small-quantity, high-frequency shipping needs:
we combine several smaller loads in one truck to realize cost-effective transportation for our customers.

FACT Buses 

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FACT trucks, cranes and buses - features:

  • We are passionate about creating exceptional customer experiences that our clients
    and their employees and guests.
  • We offer state-of-the-art charter buses that provide the ultimate in comfort and safety.
  • All buses & trucks offered to meet the international safety requirements
  • Full coverage liability Insurance on the buses/trucks and the drivers
  • Fully dedicated Account Manager with a 24/7 support
  • All of our buses & trucks and cranes are equipped by GPS and VDO Systems
  • Defensive drive course for each driver plus drug test exam while hiring and randomly. 
  • Full medical checkup for each driver in additional to separate drug tests.
  • Access to the VDO & GPS to your company
  • Full Personal Preventive Equipment and safety course for each driver.
  • Following a maintenance program to the buses & trucks “Maximo IBM”.
  • Coding System