Safety on Road

  • Our main focus is to provide the customer with relevant service that suits his needs and wants
    bearing in mind two main shields which are, Quality Assurance and Safety Precautions.
  • According to WHO, Egypt loses about 12,000 lives due  to road traffic crashes every year.
  • It has a road traffic fatality rate of 42 deaths per 100,000 population.
  • Majority  (48%) of those killed are passengers of four-wheelers though pedestrians also constitute
    a significant proportion (20%) of these fatalities.
  • Egypt is one of the countries included in the WHO Road Safety in 10 countries project which will be
    conducted over 5-years by a consortium of six international partners.
  • We are obliged to apply the following:
  1.   Regular drug & alcohol tests
  2.   Defensive driver course
  3.   Regular medical check ups
  4.   Awareness trainings
  5.   Strict rules & Policies
  6.   Monitoring the performance and the attitude


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